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Fall 2012 - New software for Knowledge Link

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General Information & Timeline

  • Rollout of new LMS on October 9, 2012
  • Training records in the current system were migrated to the new system, so users will keep their learning history
  • Users will have the ability to enroll in classroom and web-based training similar to today, but with some new features outlined below
Will I need training to use the new Knowledge Link?

End Users and Supervisors/Managers - no training is needed! Web tutorials will be available, but system is designed to be intuitive

Learning Management Report Runners - no training is required, but support will be provided if you need to to report on learning management data individuals or groups that are not your direct/indirect supervisees.

  • There will be a new 'Report Runner' role in Knowledge Link with access to new reports that will REPLACE the current Learning Management Reports provided today through BEN Reports.
  • If you currently run reports on training for your department, program, school or center, see the LMS Admin Support page for details on how to get access to this role!

Course Providers, Learning Administrators and Knowledge Link Instructors - classroom training & access approval are REQUIRED
If you are currently a Knowledge Link "Jr Administrator" or "Instructor" and plan to continue working in a similar way in the new Knowledge Link LMS, classroom training is required!

Features for Faculty, Staff and Student workers

Penn's enterprise learning management system will continue to provide access to classroom and web-based training for University and Penn Medicine employees, with new tools to help manage training and education for professional developement.

  • Clean, new look and feel for smoother navigation
  • New "to-do" list to organize and track required training by due date
  • Fully searchable, on-line catalog
  • Complete 'learning history' of all coursework and certificates completed in the LMS
  • Ability to self-report work-related training completed outside the LMS

For Supervisors - dashboard access to manage supervisees

Supervisor access to information about their supervisees will be streamlined in the new LMS, making it much easier to monitor training progress.

  • All Penn Profiler-named supervisors will have automatic access to a new "My Team" dashboard
  • Dashboard includes a "quick glance" summary as well as detailed reports on supervisee training activities
  • Supervisor reports can be downloaded for additional analysis

For Administrators

Administrators and program managers will have access to new tools and reports to assist in monitoring the training activities across the organization

  • PDF or Excel file formats for common reports, including learning history, compliance reports and class rosters
  • Customizable filtering options to focus on just the data that's needed
  • Ability to schedule reports to run on a regular basis

For Course Providers and Training Administrators

A number of new feature and tools will be available for training groups and course providers in order to manage delivery of classroom and web-based education to Penn audiences.

  • Smarter tools for managing the administration of classroom and web-based programs
  • Support for multi-media, web-based and mobile learning
  • New survey and quiz formats
  • Tools to deliver just the right learning to specific audiences

Connections to Penn Profiler

  • As today, University faculty, staff and students will be required to complete the Penn Profiler training assessment annually, or within 30 days of a job change. Any training assignments that result will appear on the users 'to-do' list in the new LMS
  • When completing Penn Profiler, each user must select/update their supervisor's name. That supervisor will be notified by email regarding training status. Users may update their supervisor as needed
  • Access to Penn Profiler will be extended to include non-paid students and other guests of the University who qualify for accounts in the LMS. This should make it easier for those working in University departments or labs to identify and complete the training they need as quickly and easily as possible







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