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Training Providers in Knowledge Link

Knowledge Link is Penn's learning management system (LMS) that provides access to job-related training. This page provides a directory of University training offices which offer administrative, professional development, safety and compliance training through Knowledge Link.

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  • Directory of Administrative, Professional Development, Compliance and Research Training Providers

    • Development and Alumni Relations
      DAR delivers professional development and business process training classes for staff working across the University in alumni relations, fundraising and development services. Training for the ATLAS software system (Oracle/PeopleSoft Contributor Relations) is mandatory for all DAR staff.
    • Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS)
      The Office of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety provides training programs required by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for all employees who work with hazardous substances (such as chemicals, blood products, and human tissue specimens). The office also provides training required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for all personnel using radioactive materials or radiation producing equipment at the University of Pennsylvania and affiliated institutions.
    • Financial Training
      The Financial Training Department (FTD) presents programs focused on the University's financial processes, procedures and systems. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including the University's Chart of Accounts, BEN Buys, BEN Balances, Purchasing Card and the Payroll/Personnel System.
    • Human Resources: Learning and Education
      The Division of Human Resources provides opportunities for professional development and career enhancement. Training for effective management skills is available through Knowledge Link. Classroom-based programs are offered on topics such as customer service, interpersonal skills and communication, career development, time management, writing and more.
    • Information Systems and Computing (ISC)
      ISC delivers some classes on information security and computing systems through Knowledge Link. Note ISC Technology Training Service (TTS) also offers an extensive catalog of technology training classes to faculty, staff and students.
    • Office of Audit, Compliance and Privacy
      Penn's OACP offers courses on compliance, security and privacy issues.
    • Office of Regulatory Affairs/IRB (Human Subjects Research)
      The IRB provides required training for both members and staff involved in human subjects research.
    • Office of Research Services (Sponsored Projects)
      contact:; 215-573-8596
      The Office of Research Services provides training for those involved in research administration at Penn.
    • Perelman School of Medicine:
      • School of Medicine: Office of Organizational Effectiveness
        contact:; 215-573-0693
        The Office of Organization Effectiveness manages training for the Perelman School of Medicine. These services include Clinical Care, New Staff Orientation, team building, coaching and consulting on organizational and performance issues, and training programs for professional, management and leadership development.
      • School of Medicine: Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
        Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (FAPD) works with the leadership, faculty and administrators of the Perelman School of Medicine and the Health System to support an overarching goal of PENN Medicine - the implementation of the highest standards of excellence in academic medicine. The mission of FAPD is to support this goal by facilitating the recruitment and appointment, promotion, and retention of distinguished faculty.
      • School of Medicine: Biomedical Post-Doctoral Program (BPP)
        The University of Pennsylvania has long been recognized for its belief in the importance of education and its pursuit of excellence. The office of Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs (BPP) works to uphold this tradition by providing biomedical postdocs in the Perelman School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, School of Nursing, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and Monell Chemical Senses Center with the highest quality training in and outside of the labs. From its first-rate programming series to its emphasis on career development as well as personal development, BPP works to enhance the life of biomedical postdocs. In addition, BPP provides administrative support to both mentors and postdoctoral appointees so that the latter can focus on research training and professional development.
      • School of Medicine: Office of Human Research (OHR)
        The Office of Human Research provides training for personnel engaged in human subjects research, as well as a Clinical Research Coordinator Certificate program and other training opportunities.
    • University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR/IACUC/POLARIS)
      contact:; 215-573-2972; for POLARIS Training 215-898-4023
      ULAR provides IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) mandated training that is required before research on animals can be conducted. These courses ensure compliance with the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and the Public Health Service (PHS) Policy. ULAR also provide additional training opportunities to the biomedical research community, including special technique training, best husbandry practices, procurement training and English-as-a-second language courses for biomedical professionals.
    • UPHS/Penn Medicine
      UPHS/Penn Medicine offers a range of training to Penn physicians, nurses, staff and students, including compliance, safety and CME courses.
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