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A note on additional Domain Controllers :

If you are adding a second Windows 2000 Server as a Domain controller for your network (or a third, fourth, etc...), you will need to combine the netlogon.dns files from each of these servers into one temporary location, and have Active Directory Assistant use the combined file to update the Assignments database. This combined file will then update the appropriate DNS entries, and remove any earlier entries which no longer match your updates netlogon.dns configuration.

For example, you have an existing Windows 2000 server called SERVER1, which you had already added to Assignments as your first Windows 2000 Server. Now, you are adding a second Windows 2000 server, SERVER2, which will also function as a Domain Controller.

When you have completed installing the second server, copy the contents of SERVER2's netlogon.dns file, and combine it with the contents of the netlogon.dns file from SERVER1 in a temporary file.  For example, you could cut and paste the SERVER1 and SERVER2 netlogon.dns files into a third file called  combo-netlogon.dns  and put it on the workstation you use to run Assignments.

Then, run the Active Directory Assistant program, and browse to the location of your combo-netlogon.dns  file.  This will correctly add all your server records to the Assignments database, and remove the old ones.

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