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DNS records for Active Directory must be added to Penn's Assignments database. The Windows 2000 Server's netlogon.dns file contains the necessary records. These records help to provide Active Directory support, and include such entries as the Global Catalog entry, LDAP support for Active Directory, etc.

Once these entries are placed on the Penn DNS servers, they are locatable from anywhere on the Internet, which provides better support for remote connectivity and name resolution on your LAN than previous Micosoft networking products were able to provide.

If you are not an Assignments user, you will need to make your server's netlogon.dns file available to the Assignments administrator who manages your DNS records so that he or she can create the records for you. If you are an Assignments user, you can follow the instructions below to create the records.

In order to create records for Active Directory, you will need version 2.0.1 (or later) of the Assignments client software. The latest version is available from

The netlogon.dns file is in a standard format that's documented in RFC 1035 and RFC 2782. You can create the netlogon.dns records manually in Assignments, or you can use the Active Directory Assistant program to create the records automatically. Active Directory Assistant is included in the Assignments distribution for Microsoft Windows.

To begin the process, obtain and install the latest version of the Assignments client for Windows.

Run the Active Directory Assistant included in the Assignments distribution.

Next, click OK to the informational message after reading it.

Select location of netlogon.dns file for the new server.


Login to Assignments server when prompted.

Active Directory Assistant will check for existing records.

Active Directory Assistant will add the required records.

Please note that the new records will be created with the name server's default TTL rather than the TTLs listed in the netlogon.dns file. The records' TTLs can then be changed manually in Assignments if desired.

You’ve successfully completed the process. Exit from the Active Directory Assistant.

You will only need to update your DNS records for this server if it changes roles in your domain, or if you reconfigure the services Active Directory uses. You should review your netlogon.dns file when making such changes.
A note on adding additional Domain Controllers


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