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ISC Networking makes the following instructions available for those who want to install Windows 2000 systems attached to PennNet. These instructions will step you through the process of connecting to the network using the University of Pennsylvania's DNS servers in place of the Microsoft DNS server. By doing so, you will have all the benefit of the redundant, secure name servers provided by Penn, while retaining all the functionality of Microsoft's Active Directory technology.

There are four basic steps to insuring interoperability :

  1. Creating or insuring you have an initial host record for your Windows 2000 machine in Assignments.
  2. Installing Windows 2000, and preventing it from automatically adding its DNS record to the name space.
  3. The next steps are required only for Windows 2000 Primaries running Active Directory.

  4. Stopping the server product from attempting to automatically register the records for its services with the DNS.
  5. Adding the appropriate records to the DNS to support Active Directory services.
  • A note on adding additional Domain Controllers

    These instructions were created based on the following Microsoft Knowledgebase Articles:

    • Q251370 Windows 2000 Enables DDNS Registration by Default
    • Q198767 How to Prevent Domain Controllers from Dynamically Registering DNS Names
    • Q178169 DNS Records Registered by Windows 2000 Domain Controllers
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