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Step 1.

If you are adding a Windows 2000 Professional machine to the network, and you normally use DHCP, you do not need to manually register a host name for this machine in the Assignments database. DHCP users already have Assignments records assigned for their use. As a DHCP user, you can proceed to the installation instructions in step 2.

If you require a static IP address, you’ll need to have an entry for your host name in the Assignments database. Most servers, for example, have a static IP address. When upgrading an existing server, you may already have an entry for it. If not, you’ll need a new record created for it.

If you’re an Assignments user, run the Assignments program to add a host record. Otherwise, contact your Assignments administrator, and tell them you need a host record for your new server.

Step 2 : Installing Windows 2000


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