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At this point, Windows 2000 Server administrators must run REGEDT32 to add a value to the registry on your server.

From the Start, Run menu, enter REGEDT32 to start the registry editor.

Click the title bar for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on Local Machine to bring it forward.

Double-click the folder with the plus sign labeled SYSTEM.

Double-click the folder labeled CurrentControlSet.

Double-click the folder labeled Services.

Scroll down to the folder labeled Netlogon and double-click it.

Click once on Parameters to highlight it.


Click on the Edit menu, and choose "Add Value"

The Value name is UseDynamicDns

The Data type is REG_DWORD.

Click OK to add this value.

A window will appear asking you to enter the actual value. This must be set to 0. It can be Binary, Decimal or Hex. Click OK. Exit the Regedt32 program.

Step 4 : Adding the appropriate records to the DNS


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