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Business Objects at Penn > Tips and FAQs

Click on a category to show or hide its questions and tips. To view the answer for a specific question/tip, click on the question -- the answer will open in a print-able, re-sizeable pop-up window. You can also check the InfoView/Webi How To's for your topic.

Business Objects - General Information about Business Objects at Penn

InfoView - General Information

InfoView AND Webi – Topics Common to Both

Copying, Sharing, Saving

Searching for corporate ("canned") reports in the repository

How can I make a copy of or edit a repository/corporate report?

I get an error when trying to save a copy of a corporate document to My Favorites folder ("Error - you do not have the rights to save in this folder or to edit categories. If you require these rights, see your Business Objects Administrator").

How do I create a shortcut to a corporate report and why not just copy the report?

How can I share a copy of my report or a shortcut to it with someone else?

When I save results in Excel 2007 format the font sometimes appears to be inconsistently sized or unreadable. How do I avoid this?

I saved a report to my computer in Excel, where do I find it?

My fund and account start and end dates disappear when saving a report to Excel. What should I do?

How do I purge the data from a report in InfoView or Web Intelligence?

When I download reports (using 'Save to my computer as Excel') and attempt to enter formulas, the formulas appear as text and don't compute. How can I fix this?

Error Messages

Can I work in multiple documents at the same time?

Is there a feature in InfoView/Webi to delete trailing blanks?

Last Refresh and other times seem to be displayed in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) format.

How can I change the name of a column?

What's a "filter" and why should I use one (or several)?

Why am I getting a "Table or View does not exist" message?

How can I see the order of the report breaks or sorts, and how can I change them?

What's the difference between Count and Count ALL in the new Webi as compared to Deski?

Is there any way to document in the Webi document what your query is about/doing/etc.?

Why do some of my rows disappear when I put in a report break?

Formatting Reports by Right Clicking – location, location, location!

How can I create a pivot table (or crosstab) in InfoView or Webi?

How can I add a the 'date last refreshed' to my report header in InfoView or Webi?

Web Intelligence (Webi) - General Information

Webi - Working with Queries

How does Webi handle building conditions in queries differently than Deski?.

Why doesn't my "in list" work? For example: Divisions in list (COL,NUR,EAS,WH).

How do I control query options (number of rows, etc)?

Can I build a query based on a spreadsheet or another query?

How do I create a query based on another query?

How can I create complex conditions (now called 'Query Filters') by nesting or indenting them together, and using AND and OR?

I have multiple queries in one report. How can I give them different names?

What character do I use for a "wildcard" and how should I use it?

Why am I getting a "No data to fetch" message?

Can I take an existing query and run it against a different universe without having to build it again from scratch?

I can't run Java on my computer. Do I have any alternatives for editing my queries or creating new ones?

Webi - Working with Reports

How to Find Basic Report Formatting Tools in Webi.

Why do I see 2-digit years and inconsistent number formats?

How can I break on multiple columns at once (e.g., Name and Penn ID together)?

When I save a Webi report with data as a CSV file, all of the leading zeros are cut off any numbers when I open the file in Excel. How can I keep the zeros?

Why are there html tags in my free-form text fields?

How can I hide a column or row in a table?

I just added an object to my query - why doesn't it appear on my report? (drag and drop demo)

I'm using the user response to a date prompt in a variable, but want to see it just as the date, without the time. How can I do this?

How can I undo an action that I just took when formatting my report?

What kind of a date formula can you create to add a specified number of days to a date?

How can I add a report filter in Webi?

Why do some rows show a MULTIVALUE warning for an amount in my Webi table, while others show the actual amount?

How can I merge on shared dimensions in a report with with multiple queries?

How can I copy a specific data value from a table, so I can paste it into something outside BusinessObjects?

How do I remove empty columns to the left of my table when I export my report to Excel?

When I use Webi to save results to Excel, I don’t have the option to just open the results and work with them. I am forced to save first – how can I get around this extra step?

How can I avoid getting page breaks when I fold?

Miscellaneous & Browser Troubleshooting (check here when it just doesn't seem to be working right!)

If you don't see your question and the tips don't seem to help, try using the FAQ search function (to the right on this page) to find the information you are looking for. If after searching you are still unable to find what you need, please contact Data Administration. Help keep the Tips & FAQs up-to-date by suggesting new questions or reporting corrections to Data Administration.

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