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Getting Data Access > Query Tools > Web Intelligence (Webi) at Penn > Upgrade > Conversion/Migration Strategy

The Business Objects XI3 environment (on bobjprod) is up and running and ready for use. Report conversion and migration has begun, and will continue through Spring 2011. We encourage users creating new reports (see How To section for help) to do so using Web Intelligence (Webi) as soon as possible, and to switch all their work over to XI3 once the reports they use have been converted to Webi. It may make sense for users who work together and typically share reports to migrate as a group.

Migration Strategy and Timeline

  • Users must inventory any reports they have stored locally, to see which need to be converted. [Report Migration Instructions] Only reports which are actually in use, or needed for use going forward, should be converted. When reviewing your report library to prepare for the migration, keep in mind the following considerations:
    • Corporate Documents: If the report is from the Business Objects repository (also known as Corporate Documents, those in the Public Folders or Categories), do NOT submit it for conversion. Data Administration is taking care of converting all of those.
    • Modified Corporate Documents: If you have slightly modified a Corporate Document for your own use, we ask that you NOT send it for conversion, but rather make those same modifications to the report already converted in the repository for general use.
    • Reports very similar to others: If you have reports that are virtually identical to others with perhaps just prompt or filter differences, we ask that you just submit one of these for conversion, and then, if needed, make your variations using that converted report in Webi. Webi has a number of new filtering and prompting features that may help you consolidate the number of reports you need.
    • Reports commonly used by your department or workgroup: If you and others with whom you work commonly use the same report or reports, please coordinate with them so that only one member of the group sends them for migration. The converted reports can then be stored on the Business Objects XI3 server, in a folder for your school or center’s common reports.
    • Data for historical purposes: If you’re only keeping a report because of the data retrieved at the point in time you ran it, please save the report in Excel or PDF format and store it in a secure location.
  • Business Objects XIR2 (on huma) will remain available until all users and the reports they need have been migrated to XI3. ISC is targeting this effort to be complete by Summer 2011. Once the migration is complete, the XIR2 server will be decommissioned and Desktop Intelligence will no longer be available.

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