How can I make a copy of or edit a repository/corporate report?

Corporate reports live in the Public Folders. Most users cannot create, save to, or delete from the Public Folders. If you need to modify a corporate report, and you want to save your changes for future use, you will need to save a copy of it to your personal Favorites Folders.

You can navigate to the report by public categories or public folders (depending on how you set your Infoview preferences). When you find it, double click to open.


When you are saving a report, consider whether you really need to save it with the data in it, and if not, purge the data before you save it! You should only save copies if you plan to change the original corporate report. Shortcuts are a handy way to save a pointer to the report in your favorites without actually making a copy.

With the report open in InfoView, save it (using Save As) to your Favorites Folder if you want to keep the changes. (See Figures 1 & 2 below)

Figure 1-select 'Save As' and the dialog box in Figure 2 appears.

Figure 2-highlight Favorites Folder, or any of the folders within it.

Go to the Categories tab, and uncheck any categories that have been selected. (If you do not remove the categories, you will not be able to edit the report.) (See Figure 3 below)

Figure 3-uncheck any selected categories in the Categories tab.

You may want to consider changing the name slightly; once you edit the report it will actually be a different report from the original.

Click OK to save to your favorites folder.

Now you can edit the report in Webi, and a regular "Save" will save it back to that same favorites folder.

Note: you can also use the Organize menu from the Document List to copy reports from Public Folders to your Favorites Folder. However, this does not allow you to remove the Corporate Categories, so the "Save As" described above is the preferred method.