For some reports, when saved as an Excel file, the report begins in row 2 and/or column B. How can I make my report begin at Cell A1, when I'm using InfoView?

The starting cell when saving a report to Excel is determined by the alignment of the top-most table (or crosstab) in the report. If it was aligned with a zero offset relative to both the top and left edges of the report, it will start in cell A1 automatically.

If it was not, follow the steps below from InfoView to ensure that the exported report begins in cell A1.

  1. Postition the cursor on the the top-most table in the report body.
  2. When you see crosshairs, Click Align, then click Relative Position.
  3. Change both entriesĀ in the Position: Within the Report section to zero. Click Apply.
  4. Click on Save report to my computer as
  5. Select Excel
  6. Click Save

For example, the following report when saved as Excel started in Cell B2.

Sucessive screen shots from InfoView after taking steps 2-6 described above.

... yields the same report saved as Excel, but now starting with Cell A1.