How can I print from InfoView when I have multiple tabs in a report but don't want them all printed?

Before printing, you will want to check your formatting in the html view so that you make sure all of your data will be showing the way that you need it to. For help, see Format a Report for Printing in InfoView (fit to a page) (PDF).

If you only need to print several of the tabs of your report but not all of them, follow the method described here.

  1. From the View menu, select PDF mode (Figure 1). This opens up your BusinessObjects document within the InfoView report panel but in PDF format with the pdf menus.
    1. If your View > PDF mode opens in a separate window, you will have to change your Internet Explorer tab settings from “always open popups” to “let IE decide” in order to simplify the PDF viewing process. Then you will not have to save the pdf file first.
  2. Click the Pages icon (upper left) to shift your navigation away from the defaulted Bookmarks to the Pages thumbnails. (Figure 2)
  3. Right-click in the thumbnails area and enlarge the thumbnails so that you can see their content a bit better.
    1. You can verify at this point the layout of your pages as well.
    2. If you need to do more formatting, click on the View in HTML Format button, do your formatting, and then shift back to PDF mode.
  4. Select the Pages that you need to print from the thumbnails. (Figure 3)
    1. You can either hold down the shift key and select all within 2 clicks or use control-click to select non-contiguous pages to print.

Using this method, you avoid having to download and save the pdf with potentially sensitive data. It also is a bit quicker.

Figure 1-Selecting to view in PDF mode.

Figure 2-Switching to PDF mode and thumbnails.

Figure 3-Selecting pages to print.