How can I see and work with all of the filters applied on a report at once?

You can only do this in InfoView's 'Interactive View' mode by making use of the 'Document Structure and Filters' tab. (See the FAQ - Why should I use the Interactive View mode as a preference in InfoView? What are the benefits? for more information.) And while you can see the query filters, you cannot modify them in any way.

'Document Structure and Filters' tab allows you to view all the elements that make up the document, such as the sections, report blocks, headers and footers, as well as the filters. You will need to expand the sections to see all of the filters and other details. Pre-existing report filters can be edited and you can add additional ones as well. Note in Figure 1 below the location of the various filter elements.

Figure 1.

If you double-click on one of the report filter boxes in the 'Document Structure and Filters' tab, the 'Block Filter Editor' dialog box opens. See Figure 2 below.

ATTENTION RIGHT-CLICKERS: Once you have filters in a given table, you have the option to right-click on any individual filter (to the right of the “AND” with the vertical bar, OR if you right-click on filter box, you have the option to work with ANY of the existing filters OR to add new ones (OR remove existing). See Figure 2 below for the 'Block Filter Editor' which opens when you right-click the filter box.

Figure 2.

Figure 3 shows the single 'Filter' editor. You can open this by clicking on only one of the filters (highlighted in yellow and outlined in red) in a report filter box in the 'Document Structure and Filters' tab . Or you can open it directly from the 'Block Filter Editor' by double clicking on a single filter in the filters pane. (Remember however that you will not have available all of the operands that you have for the original query filters.)

Figure 3.

See also the FAQ - How can I add a report filter in InfoView? for more information.