I just got the following error. What does it mean and what should I do? (ERR_WIS_30270)

An internal error occurred while calling the 'saveDocumentToCorporateMDP' API. (ERR_WIS_30270)

Scenario 1: After the report being idle for only a few minutes, when you try to save you get this error.
Suggested Solution:
Often this message appears even though the document has actually been saved. To verify that it really has been saved, click on "ok" in the message, and do a 'Save As', saving it to the same folder in InfoView that you previously saved it; you should see a message that the document already exists in that folder and you are overwriting it. Click on "yes".

If this happens to you often, take a look at the suggestions for Browser Troubleshooting.

Scenario 2:  Your mouse cursor was "actively" sitting in a text box or a table header cell. Webi needs to resolve that action before it can save.
Suggested Solution:
Confirm the input before saving the document:
Move and click the mouse cursor out of the value box. If prompted, confirm the changes, then save.

An internal error occurred while calling the 'processVariable' API. (ERR_WIS_30270)

Scenario 1:  Error appears when trying to refresh a report where there are variables that use other variables.
Suggested Solution:
Using the variable editor, check to make sure that all of the variables are valid (open then, and then Validate). You may need to correct the variable type or syntax. If you get this error running a report that resides in any of the Public Folders, please notify Data Administration.

Scenario 2:  Error appears when answering a prompt, in a report that uses two data providers.
Suggested Solution:
If the prompt is using a merged dimension from each of the data providers, make sure it is formatted the same way in each of the data providers. For example, if the object is formatted as a number in one data provider but as character data in the other, but a single prompt is trying to find both, it will likely generate this error.

An internal error occurred while calling the 'processDPCommands' API. (ERR_WIS_30270)

Scenario 1Error occurs when try to refresh a migrated Web Intelligence report in InfoView, after entering a date or dates for prompts.
Suggested Solution:

  1. Modify problematic report in Webi.
  2. Change the prompt definition to be a constant, run the report in Webi, and save it.
  3. Change the prompt definition back to prompt with required date definition. Make sure you are using the correct date format! (The report prompt should tell you what the format is supposed to be.) Re-run the report in Webi, and save it.
  4. Re-open the report in InfoView and refresh.

Scenario 2:  Error occurs when trying to edit the properties of a Webi report containing merged dimensions.
Suggested Solution:
Remove the merged dimensions and then re-establish them.

Scenario 3:  Error occurs when the InfoView report has been open and idle for a long time.
Suggested Solution:
This error can be an indication of a time-out, based on the server’s settings.  Make sure you save your work often.  You will need to close and re-open the report when you get this error, and you may have lost any unsaved changes.

An internal error occurred while calling the 'initInstance' API. (ERR_WIS_30270)

Scenario 1:  You can log in and run most reports, but one report generates this error.
Suggested Solution:  The report has very likely become corrupted, and you may need to re-create it.  If you encounter this with a document in any of the Public folders, please report it to Data Administration.

Scenario 2:  You can log in, but cannot run any reports and cannot create a new Webi report using any universe.  Other people can log in using their accounts on your computer, and can run reports.  But your username always produces this error message.
Suggested Action: Contact Data Administration: They may need to re-create your username on the Business Objects central management server.  If this happens, you will need to reset your password once the account has been re-established.  Your access will remain the same, and you will not lose any of your reports.

An internal error occurred while calling the 'getDocumentInfosMDP' API. (ERR_WIS_30270)

Scenario:  You can log in and open most reports in InfoView, but specific reports generate this error when used in InfoView. Usually, these are reports that have quick filter drop-down boxes appearing on the Report Filter toolbar at the top of the report tab.
Suggested Solutions (you have two alternatives):

  1. If the report is in your Favorites, click "Edit" to open it in Webi and work with it there.
  2. Remove the quick filter menus at the top of the tab (or simply click the icon at the top right of the report screen to hide the Report Filter toolbar. You can then use on-report Filters instead.