What’s the difference between Count and Count ALL in the new Webi as compared to Deski?

Count is used to count distinct things.  For example, if you want to count people who took a specific class, and even if they took the class more than once you still only want to count each person once.

Count All is used to count all the rows the query returns. For example, if you want to count enrollments in a specific class and you want all enrollments, such that if a person took the class twice, they should count as 2 enrollments. (Be careful with Count All:  you need to make sure you understand everything the query is returning, or you could end up counting more than you really want.)

In the Webi variable editor, the syntax is Count([object_name);DISTINCT/ALL). Since DISTINCT is the default, it isn’t necessary to put that in if you want distinct values. 

Report Variable syntax: