My fund and account start and end dates disappear when saving a report to Excel. What should I do?

This seems to happen when saving an entire report to your computer as an Excel file. The fields mentioned above are blank!

You can try changing your 'Preferences' in InfoView (pictured below) for WebIntelligence to change the last setting from “Prioritize easy data processing…” to “Prioritize the formatting of the documents.” This first radio button seems to allow the fund number and account dates (and other things) to save to Excel, but also results in many many more columns to deal with and clean up.

If you need to print out a report for a meeting and you use this option (“Prioritize the formatting of the documents”), the report will show all the information.

However, if you only need to modify the report, then you can change the preferences back to "Prioritize easy data processing..." since this is easier to fix the columns.