Can I work in multiple documents at the same time?

Yes. However, there are timeout issues when you have multiple windows open. Each report open in InfoView or Webi has its own session running and therefore its own timeout set (usually 60 minutes). For a Webi screen to be considered 'active,' you must be refreshing data, running a query, or saving a report. Furthermore, InfoView itself is yet another separate session open with its own timeout.

While you are actively working in one Webi document, the open InfoView window with the other report can timeout if it remains inactive too long, causing your whole session to timeout. The only remedy for this timeout issue is to

  1. Regularly go back to the original InfoView window and click around to keep it active, AND
  2. In Webi SAVE OFTEN (this is always a good idea, by the way). Saving every 5 minutes will mean that you don't lose your work!!
  3. Timeouts are set to 60 minutes for InfoView.

There are two different ways that you can work with multiple open documents.

  1. Set your InfoView preferences to open documents in a new window (The default setting is all-in-the-same-window. See 'How to Set InfoView Preferences'.)
  2. Click on the plus (+) sign in the upper right to open a new window with the document if your preferences are NOT set to automatically open a document in a new window (see below for more specific instructions)

If you leave the default preference setting and you occasionally want to compare two different documents, follow this procedure:

  1. Open the first report in InfoView
  2. Click the + sign and a new window opens with that first report
  3. Go back to your InfoView window
  4. Close that first report in the InfoView window (the one in the separate window stays open)
  5. Open report #2 in the InfoView window
  6. Compare them both without changing your preferences

BOTH of these methods will require you to cope with timeout issues in InfoView AND Webi.

See also "How to Work in Webi with Multiple Reports Open."