Formatting Reports by right clicking – location, location, location!

When utilizing the right-click option for formatting reports, you need to be extremely careful in your cursor placement when you right click. Your menu options will differ depending on the location of your cursor in both InfoView and Webi.

In InfoView
If your cursor is on a single cell or column and you right click and select ‘Format’ you get to choose from the following options: (Figure 1)

    • Cell -- for things related to a just the highlighted cells, like font size, setting the format for a number, or changing the cell border
    • All table cells -- similar to Cell, but applies changes to all cells in the table
    • Table -- for things related to the entire table, like controlling how the table headers and footers will behave, or managing the relative spacing of separate tables
    • Section -- only appears if your report has sections
    • Report -- for things related to the entire report, like whether or not to show a page header on a tab

But if you select the entire table and then right click, you get a slightly different set: All table cells, Table, Section, Report (Figure 2)

If your cursor is located in a section of the report and you right click, you have only 2 options when you select ‘Format’: Section, Report (Figure 3)

And finally, if your cursor is located in the white space around a report (not in any individual section), you only have the ‘Format Report’ option to select and this results in the ‘Format Report’ dialog box opening. (Figure 4)

Each of the options results in a specific formatting dialog box appearing.

In Webi, the location of the pointer is similarly important when right-clicking. Different dialog boxes will appear for formatting the different elements of the report and the 'Properties' tab can also be used for formatting. See Find Basic Formatting Tools in Webi (PDF)

Figure 1 - Right click in a column or cell

Figure 2 - Right click in a table

Figure 3 - Right click in a section

Figure 4 - Right click in an open area of the report