Searching for corporate ("canned") reports in the repository

    1. Login to SAP BusinessObjects InfoView
    2. Expand ‘Public Folders’ and click on the folder of your choice (e.g., Facilities, General Ledger, Salary Management...)
    3. Use the ‘Search’ function in the main toolbar (You can search by title, keywords, all fields, etc. See image below)
    • Searches are case sensitive!! (e.g., 'GrantMonitor' will return results, 'grantmonitor' will not) 
    • Do not use wildcard characters in your search string! The Webi “wildcard” search using % does not work in this kind of searching. (e.g., a search for “fundsummary%” will not find anything)

NOTE: If you do a search and then search again, remember to click back on the your original folder. Otherwise you will be performing a ‘search within your search results.’