I just added an object to my query - why doesn't it appear on my report? (drag and drop demo)

Since Webi will not alter the structure of a table once it has been created, you need to drag any added result objects from the Data pane onto the report layout and place them where you'd like them to appear.

    1. Drag the new object(s) onto the table in the report layout pane.
    2. Drop the object(s) where you want them to be when the tooltop says "Drop here to insert a cell."
      • If you drop the object when the tooltip says "Drop here to replace cell" you will lose the original data in that column.
    3. Refresh the data and notice that the new object information is in the table.
    4. Note that you can also make sure of the correct location by noticing the highlighting between cells as it changes from highlighting the text in the cell.

View a short video demonstration of this issue. The demo has audio and if you would like to read the closed captioning instead, turn off the audio in the control strip and toggle on the CC button.

Adding a Result Object to an already existing report (drag and drop demo) - (SWF)