How can I create complex conditions (now called 'Query Filters') by nesting or indenting them together, and using AND and OR?

When you drag an object from the Data tab into the Query Filters panel, before you let go of the mouse, note how it looks in the destination area:

If there is a solid line above it separating it from the object(s) that precedes it, it will insert at the same level as the objects above it.

If you slide your mouse up a little (before you release the object!), you'll see the screen change: the object above where you are turns into a blue rectangle, with a white rectangle below it, and both are indented a little, indicating the object you are inserting and the object above it will together be indented. You can do multiple levels of indents - it just takes a little practice.


Once you have the filters indented the way that you want them, double-click on the AND to turn it to an OR (and visa versa).

To view a video snippet of this drag & drop procedure, click here.