How can I hide a column or row in a table?

Unfortunately, this feature isn't available in Webi. The workaround is to format the column with no shading (or with white fill) so text and border don't appear, move it to the far right of the table, and then shrink it down to the smallest possible width (4 px).

In InfoView Interactive, do the following:

    1. Right click anywhere in the table
    2. Select Format > Table
    3. Click on the Pivot tab
    4. Select the column you need to move in the columns box and move it all the way to the right with the right pointing arrow
    5. Click OK to close Format Table window
    6. Control click on header cell and first data cell (You may also need to control click on any footer cells, or repeat these steps if you noticed any cells you missed.)
    7. Use the Background color icon in the Formatting toolbar to change background to white
    8. Use the Font color icon to change font to white
    9. Remove any cell borders
    10. Drag the far right boundry of the table (also the right boundry of the cells) to make the column as narrow as possible
    11. When viewed in Page mode, the column is not at all visible. (... hopefully!)

In Webi, do the following: (can be done in either Structure mode or Results mode)

    1. Click on the header cell and hold
    2. Drag it all the way to the right paying close attention to the tooltips, which change as you move the header over the other header cells.
      • The text alternates between "Drop here to insert a cell" and "Drop here to replace cell."
      • In this case, you want to stop at the end of the table, exactly where the tooltip mentions inserting a cell.
    3. Select column header and right click on the first cell
    4. Use Formating toolbar to change backgound and text colors to white and to remove any visible borders
    5. Change the column Width to 4 px (doesn't hold 1 px!) in the Properties pane under Display.
    6. Note: Alternate row/column colors can't be removed from just one column, so the best you can do is make the column 4 px wide and move it to the far right if the rest of the table is alternating.