Issues with Java Configurations (security warnings, blue and yellow table but no data)

If you encounter security warnings (see Figure 1 below), or if attempts to create a Webi report yield a blue and yellow table with no data in it, you'll need to adjust your Java security settings. There are two options to try for this situation and then a fallback if neither works!

Option 1. In your Windows Control Panel (Classic View), open the Java Control panel (see Figure 2 below). On the Advanced tab, expand the Security area, then expand the Mixed Code area, and click on the option to "Enable - hide warning and run with protections." Click Apply and then click OK. If you see a security warning dialog box, click 'Always trust content from this publisher' and then click 'Run.'

Figure 1: Java Security Warning

Figure 2: Java Control Panel

Option 2. If you are seeing a Certificate warning message, and Java "spins" and never opens Webi, the problem could be with your "trusted certs". This is most likely located in C:\Users\xxxxx\appdata\locallow\sun\java\deployment\security\trusted.certs
The file "trusted.certs" may need to be deleted from the above path for Java to work properly in Webi. Please consult with your local IT support provider before you change or remove the trusted certs file.

If the above doesn't help, try the following, which essentially uninstalls Java and then re-installs the base version from the Webi server:

    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Open Java
    3. Under the General tab in the temporay internet files, select View
    4. Delete all files in the file that show up in the window the comes up

Uninstall the Java version on the client system.

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Open add and remove programs
  3. Remove Java

Install Java

  1. Open InfoView
  2. Click on Document List
  3. Click on New and then New Web Intelligence Document
  4. BusinessObjects will push the Java Runtime Environment variable out to the client
  5. Test to see if you can now launch Webi

Note that the version you will get from this procedure will be an older version of Java, and your local IT support provider may want you to be at a newer version for security reasons. Please consult with your LSP if you are considering this option; they may need to install the newer JRE for you.