Why do some rows show a MULTIVALUE warning for an amount in my Webi table, while others show the actual amount?

Webi handles the "rows aggregation" option differently than Deski did. If there are multiple rows in a report with what appears to be the same data, and the measure being displayed is not set at the universe level to automatically aggregate, the MULTIVALUE error will appear.

There are a few options to address this:

  1. Use measure objects that are named "SUM", if they exist - e.g., SUM Actual Month (BAL) rather than Actual Month (BAL) in the FINQUERY Balances folder. This ensures that the balance amount will be properly aggregated based on the dimension objects selected in your query.
  2. Create your own variable to sum the measure within the table (you'll need to do this in all tables in the report, though).
  3. Within the table properties in InfoView or Webi, check the box to under Display to "Avoid duplicate rows aggregation". Note that this feature only exists for tables, and not crosstabs.