I have a variable with three values that I’m using for a break, but my report is only showing rows for two of the three values, even though I know there are rows for the third value.  Why won’t it display everything?

If you have a dimension variable that includes a blank value, for example, If abc then "Y" else if xyz then “N else " ", this is considered an 'Empty Dimension'.  By default, if you break on that dimension, the report will suppress the rows with a blank value. 

To change this in InfoView, right click on the table and select 'Format' -> 'Table' (Figure 1).  In the Format Table dialog box, check the “Show rows with empty dimension values” (Figure 2).

To change this in Webi, right click on the table and select 'Format'. The Properties tab will open in the left panel (if it's not already open!). Expand the 'Display' section and then check the box for "Show rows with empty dimension values." Figure 3)

Figure 1 - InfoView

Figure 2 - InfoView dialog box

Figure 3 - Webi with 'Properties' tab open