Working with Timeouts in Webi

THE APPLICATIONS ARE SET TO TIME OUT AFTER 60 MINUTES OF INACTIVITY for security and server performance reasons.

If you are working inside the InfoView portal with your Webi document (editing, for example), you should be aware that you have 2 open sessions to juggle for timeouts -- the InfoView session and the Webi session. InfoView is more forgiving regarding 'activity' to keep the session from timing out. HOWEVER, Webi sessions need saving, running queries, or refreshing data as 'activities' to keep renewing your session. The more reports that you have open, the more sessions you need to keep from timing out.

Since InfoView and Webi are applications that run in your web browser, please be sure to save your work often, and to log out when you are finished working. Saving often means every 5-10 minutes!

Webi will try to save a backup copy of your report, but please assume that unsaved work may be lost when a timeout occurs.

For additional information, see How to Work in Webi with Multiple Reports Open and the FAQ "Can I work in multiple documents at the same time?"