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The Address table stores the address information for applicants, as captured by the admitting office. Permanent Address is exported to the Student Records System (SRS) along with academic information when the student matriculates.. 

Common Usage examples

  • Get the permanent address information as-of the time of application.
  • Find all applicants whose permanent address is in a specific state or zipcode area, or country, etc.

Primary Key Indexed Data Elements Related Tables

  • Addresses in this table are as-of the time of application. Once a student has matriculated, address changes are done online in PennInTouch, which updates SRS, but address updates are not sent back from SRS to the Graduate Admissions data in the warehouse.
  • Data validation on this table has been improved over time, but older records contain many errors. An automated interface to SRS was introduced in 2011 and this required enforcing some data validation and standards; address records prior to 2011 can be incomplete or incorrect.


  • Data are extracted nightly from Apply Yourself and loaded to the school staging tables, and from there a process moves all address data for all applicants to the ga_address table. For schools who do not use Apply Yourself, datasets are batch uploaded to the warehouse at the school's discretion using the Admission Supplement web application
GA_ADDRESS Table - Data Element Index   Tables and Data Elements   GraduateAdmissions Home   Data Warehouse Home

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