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(gradadm.ga_applicants / ga_people_v)

The Applicants table contains biographic/demographic information on people who apply to graduate admissions programs. A person is considered an applicant once their application is submitted. An applicant can have one or more applications to one or more programs in or more more academic terms. 

Common Usage examples

  • Get the name of applicants to include in a report.
  • Find international applicants (whose country of citizenship is not US and whose visa type is not PR).
  • Sort applicants by specific demographics (by ethnicity, by sex, etc.)

Primary Key Indexed Data Elements Related Tables

  • Applicant_ID cannot alone uniquely identify a person; the record consists of BOTH Applicant_ID and Record_Source. Beginning in 2011, the Applicant_ID and Record_Source have been exported to SRS along with the academic program information, so that an applicant's information in the Graduate Admissions data can be tied to other student data collections in the Data Warehouse.
  • Penn_ID is only populated for admitted students, and historical data collected prior to 2010 may not have Penn_ID. Do not try to join Gradaute Admissions data to other warehouse data using Penn_ID.
  • SSN is usually only populated for admitted students, and historical data collected prior to 2011 may not have SSN.
  • In the Business Objects Graduate Admissions Reporting universe, the Applicant class points to the ga_people_v view, which uses all of the columns in the ga_applicants tables, plus the program_key so the applicant can be tied to their corresponding academic programs in the ga_program table.
  • Data in the Applicant table are considered point-in-time, as-of the time of application. Data for matriculated students is maintained in SRS. Thus some data points, for example Visa, can be different in the admissions data collection from the regular student data collection.


  • Data are extracted nightly from Apply Yourself and loaded to the school staging tables, and from there a process moves all biographic/demographic data for applicants to the ga_applicants table. For schools who do not use Apply Yourself, datasets are batch uploaded to the warehouse at the school's discretion using the Admission Supplement web application
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