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The GRE Scores table contains board scores for the Graduate Records Exam administered by Educational Testing Services.

Common Usage examples

  • Perfoms statistical analysis on board scores for an admissions cohort.

Primary Key Indexed Data Elements Related Tables

  • The GRE score scale changed in 2011: tests taken prior to August 2011 use the old scale; tests taken August 2011 and later use the new scale. Please see the gradadm.ga_gre_concordance_v view for a cross-walk between the old and new scales.
  • Not every applicant will have GRE score data in this table.


The standard scores come in from multiple sources:
1) from AY or the school admissions batch loads - these scores are self-reported by the applicant,
2) from ETS, in periodic feeds received by Penn -- these official scores are mapped to the applicant information via SSN, name and DOB, and/or by the score matching application in the Graduate Admissions Supplement online system.

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