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A snapshot of the profile for an automatic payment fund as of the end of the accounting period snapshot. Includes information on how often an automatic payment installment is due, the dates of the latest and next automatic payment invoices for the fund, the amount of an automatic payment installment, the maximum number of installments expected, and the number of installments for which invoices (receivables) have been created in BRIM. There is one record per fund per sponsor per accounting period snapshot.

Common Uses
Reporting the current status of an automatic payment fund, or the fund's status as of the end of a prior accounting period.

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  • The BRIMAUTOPAY_PROFILES table is refreshed nightly. Records for the snapshot for the open accounting period are replaced nightly until the period is closed. Once the accounting period is closed, the data for the snapshot of that accounting period remains unchanged.

  • Because this table contains snapshots, to avoid double-counting, always select records based on one specified accounting period. Records should be selected based on one of the following:
    • ACCT_PER_SNAPSHOT (such as OCT-02)
    • SORT_PERIOD_SNAPSHOT (such as 200210)
    • MONTH_SNAPSHOT and CALENDAR_YEAR_SNAPSHOT (such as 10 and 2002, respectively)
    • FISCAL_MON_SEQ_SNAPSHOT and FISCAL_YEAR_SNAPSHOT (such as 4 and 2003, respectively)

  • BRIM is not run based on accounting periods. Therefore, there is no snapshot for the ADJ period.

  • The BRIMAUTOPAY_PROFILES table contains records only for automatic payment funds. The table has no records for funds whose sponsors send payments as they are billed for project expenses.

  • Usually, there is one record per fund per accounting period snapshot. However, if a fund's sponsor is changed, there may be two records for the fund for the accounting period snapshot-one with the old sponsor, and one with the new sponsor. Also, BRIM does not track automatic payment profiles by fund code, but by the combination of the auto pay reference number and the sponsor code. The auto pay reference number usually has the same value as the fund code, but BRIM does not enforce this. A fund may have more than one record per accounting period snapshot if more than one profile was set up for it in BRIM under different auto pay reference numbers.

  • The FUND_INVOICE_NUMBER has the format FFFFFF-0001, where FFFFFF is the FUND_CODE, and 0001 is the sequence number (including leading zeroes) to be used for the first invoice created for the fund. To find the latest (last) invoice sequence number used for the fund, see LAST_PONUM in the BRIM_FUNDS table.

  • Use caution when selecting records based on PROJECT_TITLE. The value is the title as typed into BRIM by ORS staff. Some values are in upper case, while others are in mixed case. Also note that, due to a system error, records created prior to June 15, 2002 may have a PROJECT_TITLE whose value is actually the SPONSOR_REF_ID.

  • BRIM_EXTRACT_DATE is the date when the record was loaded into the Data Warehouse. This is usually the same date that the record was extracted from BRIM

  • The COMMENT_ID identifies a comment associated with the automatic payment profile for the FUND_CODE. However, a reference table for these comment codes is not yet available in the Data Warehouse.


The ARRECR table in BRIM, the Billing and Receivables Information Management system used by the Office of Research Services. The ultimate source of most of the records, and of some of the data in those records, is the General Ledger in BEN Financials (via the SBTFUND.txt and SBTASSET.txt extracts; see glsq2111b.sql and glsq2112f.sql). Some data for the BRIMAUTOPAY_PROFILES records was entered by ORS staff directly into BRIM; some (such as the automatic payment frequency and period) was generated by the BRIM system.

BRIM is used to track award payments due and received for sponsored project funds where the sponsors either send payments as they are billed for project expenses, or send payments based on a schedule. BRIM does not track sponsored project funds where payment is handled via letters of credit.

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