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Student Billing (BRS) - Corporate Reports

The Business Objects Corporate Documents area provides access to pre-defined, prompt-driven reports that you can run to retrieve a standardized perspective on your data.

Using InfoView:

The InfoView web page allows you to view the list of corporate documents in the Business Objects repository and refresh and download those documents via the web. To access the corporate documents using InfoView (Business Objects users only):

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Enter your Business Objects ID and password in the User Name and Password fields that appear. Click OK to continue to the InfoView Welcome page.
  3. The InfoView web portal allows you to view the list of reports in the Business Objects 'Public Folders', refresh those documents via the web, and if desired, save them to your desktop as Excel or pdf files. The 'Public Folders' are listed in InfoView when you navigate to 'Document List.' You will only be able to view or use reports in the public folders that you have access to. Documents should be renamed and saved to your own 'My Favorites' folder on the portal if you need to edit them using Webi. Documents can only be edited in Webi when placed in your 'My Favorites' folder.

Corporate Reports Listed Alphabetically by Document Name

BRS Snapshots for Mulitple Students and Record Type
After prompting the user for multiple SID or Penn IDs, and Record Type (Detail or Intermediate and History or all) this query will return Name, Amount, Account2, Paid Applied Amt, Batch Reference & Date, Bill Date, Term, BRS Descr, C/P, Subcode, and BRS Term, from all SSNs and all record types specified. (History Records, as of 2003).  Uses BRS_Detail universe.

BRS Subcode Summary
For Detail records (where Detail = Y), display subcode totals by BRS term.  Report tabs show applied and unapplied amounts, as well as batches with zero amounts. Uses BRS_Detail universe.

Select Subcode and BatchDate
Prompts user for a specific Subcode and a Batch Date range (begin date/end date), then returns SSN, Name, Batch Date, and Amount for all transactions meeting the condition, from Detail, Intermediate, or History (History, as of 2003) records. Uses BRS_Detail universe.

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