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Cross-Collection Reporting

The Warehouse contains data from many source systems, organized by logical groupings, all in one Oracle database. Information from a source system (often a transactional system, but could also be another set of tables) is referred to as a data collection. For example, information from SRS (Student Records System) is referred to as the Student Data Collection, while account balance information from the BEN Financials General Ledger is referred to as the General Ledger Data Collection.

Ethnicity and Race Information

The ethnicity and race data is a subset of the University Data Warehouse containing data from the Penn People application, and reflects current and historical information for both students and employees.

Further information related to the collection is available by clicking on the following links:

Country Codes

Data Administration monitors and maintains cross-references between disparate soruce systems' country code values. The resulting tables are available to all users of the Warehouse.

Combined Universes

The co-location of data from these disparate sources allows for querying across collections, joining on common elements to retrieve results that one couldn't otherwise achieve from a single, isolated collection. Users writing their own SQL may join any tables to which they have access, after consulting the relevant collection documentation. Business Objects users can take advantage of universes that combine collections:

  • Direct Deposit: Contains information about how students and/or employees are set up for receiving pay and student refunds
  • Penn ERA Balances: Combines PennERA Proposals and General Ledger data
  • GLBALSAL: Combines General Ledger and Salary Management data
  • AWARDBAL: Combines General Ledger and Sponsored Projects data. Note: You may wish to use the PennERA Balances universe instead. As of
    October, 2003, the Sponsored Projects data is no longer updated. For more information, click here.

Note that depending on your authorization level, you may or may not have access to a specific data collection. If you have questions about a specific data collection, want access to a collection, or would like to suggest another combined Business Objects universe, contact Data Administration.


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