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The Aid ID Rules table sets the rules for which Aid IDs to be included in the aggregate buckets in the Application and Cumulative Aid tables.  The Begin and End Aid ID fields set the range of Aid IDs to include for a given bucket (rule_header).  Paid or Offered sets whether to use the Offer or Paid amounts in the calculation. 

Common Usage examples

  • While unlikely to be used in common queries, this table is provided for the end user to review the Aid ID groupings used in the aggregation processes.

Primary Key Indexed Data Elements Related Tables

  • This table is primarily used for the load of data and is present only for reference purposes.  Given the complex rules applied during the load, it would be very difficult to try linking this table to the raw data in the tables.


  • Data are extracted nightly from the Student Aid Management system (SAM) on the administrative mainframe.
FA_AIDID_RULES Table - Data Element Index   Tables and Data Elements   FinAid Home   Data Warehouse Home

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