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Formatting Reports

InfoView's new Intertactive Report Viewing mode allows you to format the reports in many ways right from the InfoView panels, without opening Webi. However, to do more complex formatting or to edit the query itself, you'll have to work through Webi.The following How To's will get you started.

  • Take Advantage of InfoView Interactive Report Viewing (PDF)
  • Why should I use the Interactive View mode as a preference in InfoView? What are the benefits? (HTML)
  • Format a Report for Printing in InfoView (fit to a page) (PDF)

The following How To's will help you understand the formatting tools and methods available through Webi:

  • Find Basic Formatting Tools in Webi (PDF)
  • Format a Report for Printing in Webi (fit to a page) (PDF)
  • Arrange Table Elements in a Report Using Drag & Drop (PDF)
    • Video snippets for Create a Section (SWF), Create a Crosstab (SWF), Switch X /Y Axes (SWF), and Swap Columns (SWF)

In addition to these items from the How To page, you can search the FAQs for more information regarding formatting in both InfoView and Webi. Some appropriate FAQs are below:

  • Formatting Reports by right clicking – location, location, location! (HTML)
  • How can I see the order of the report breaks or sorts, and how can I change them? (HTML)
  • How can I change the name of a column? (HTML)
  • Why do I see 2-digit years and inconsistent number formats? (HTML)
  • How can I break on multiple columns at once (e.g., Name and Penn ID together)? (HTML)
  • How can I undo an action that I just took when formatting my report? (HTML)
  • ... plus many others on the FAQ page under the expandable heading "Webi - Working with Reports."


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