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  • This universe currently accomodates only RCM Templates, i.e., for duplication of all lines of BEN Financials 2xx reports up through the CURRENT YEAR OPERATING (SURPLUS)/DEFICIT. The remaining few lines of the template require more complicated and variable logic which is not currently supported by the joins in this universe.
  • The template table (actually named DWADMIN.GL_REPORT_TEMPLATE) is represented by two Business Objects classes, Template Parents and Template Children, to facilitate retrieving data for lines represented by parent objects and for lines represented by COA objects which do not roll directly to a K-parent. If you want a query that reports both parent and child lines, you'll need to do a union in the query panel.
  • Keep in mind that BEN Financials reports have the option to show only on "active funds" (this option appears on the report parameters screen, when you may answer "Y" or "N" to the "ACTIVE ONLY?" parameter question). This active status is stored in the Data Warehouse in the FUND_STATUS table. Refer to the table and element documentation for details on screening on active funds.
  • See Notes to FINQUERY for an explanation of the asterisks and for more information about tables in the diagram.
  • For more information about BEN Financials Report Templates, see


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