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Reference table containing freeze history about funds, by fund code and transaction source, including the overall freeze status for the fund, refreeze dates, and the username that performed the freeze transaction.

Common Uses
Tracking the historical freeze actions performed on a fund or the freeze actions peformed by individual users.

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  • This table contains historical freeze information for a fund. To view the current freeze status for a fund, use the FUND_FREEZE table.
  • There may be multiple rows for a given fund, as each freeze transaction for a fund will be stored in this table. To sort all rows in chronological order, be sure to use a date format that includes time specification. (To specify the date format in Windows 95, choose Regional Settings of the Control Panel and select the Data tab. On the Macintosh, use the Date & Time Control Panel.)
  • Note that there may be rows where the FUND_FREEZE value is 'N'. This indicates that, for that row, the fund is not frozen for any source, but had been frozen for at least one source at some point in the past. Only funds that have had freeze activity at some point will exist in the FUND_FREEZE or FUND_FREEZE_HISTORY tables.
  • BEN Financials reports contain an additional freeze status value of 'D' to indicate that a fund has been disabled. To report on a fund's enabled status in the Warehouse, refer to the ENABLED data element in the FUND_CODES table.
  • The FUND_FREEZE_HISTORY.ADJ_PERIOD_END_DATE column is updated only as freeze actions for the fund occur. There may therefore be discrepancies between data in this column and that stored in the column of the same name in the FUND_CODES table, which is recalculated with any change to either the ACCOUNT_END or DAYS_TO_SUBMIT_FINAL_REPORT_CODE for the fund.
  • If you want to report on all funds for your organization, and join in freeze data where available, you will need to perform an outer join to the FUND_CODES (or BALANCES or other table) table on the FUND_CODE column (i.e., DWADMIN.FUND_FREEZE_HISTORY.FUND_CODE(+)=DWADMIN.FUND_CODES.FUND_CODE). This join already exists in the Business Objects universe. To show only those funds with freeze data, along with data from another table such as FUND_CODES or BALANCES, be sure to set a condition of ' FUND_FREEZE.FUND_CODE is NULL'. Keep in mind that, if there are multiple rows for the fund in FUND_FREEZE_HISTORY, the database will return duplicate rows from the other tables joined in your query.
  • Security for this table follows established Warehouse practices for reference tables in the Financial Balances collection. As with BEN Financials access to the same data, users with authorized access to the Balances collection will be able to query the freeze status for a fund.
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