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Help for General Ledger Queries

·Financial data resources links

Overview. General Ledger data is complex, and a listserv and adhoc meetings are available to help you query the Warehouse and retrieve General Ledger data efficiently and effectively.

Whenever possible, canned queries and reports are provided to give you standardized perspectives on Warehouse data. Before creating your own query, check to see if a canned query or report already exists for the information you want.

For a list of canned Business Objects reports using financial data, click here.

Subscription to the listserv. When you are granted access to the General Ledger data in the Warehouse, a subscription is automatically set up for you to participate in an E-mail listserv called FINQUERY-WH@LISTS.UPENN.EDU. (Those with subscriptions to the list are called list members. If any member sends an E-mail note to the list, every member of the list receives a copy.)

When you have a question. If you have a question about the General Ledger data, please send E-mail to the list -- and if you have the answer to a list members question, please E-mail your reply to the list so all the members can benefit from the discussion.

The list is also the place to send E-mail if you notice that some documentation needs updating. For documentation published on the Web, please specify the URL for the documentation that needs to be updated. For Business Objects documentation (help for Objects), please specify the Universe, Class, and Object.

Notification about general and special meetings. From time to time, notes are sent to the list to invite list members to general meetings to discuss the General Ledger data in the Warehouse, or to special interest group meetings to discuss specific issues, such as grant year reporting.

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