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General Ledger Collection Refresh Schedule

The General Ledger collection is refreshed nightly, Monday through Saturday, following the completion of BEN Financials batch processing around midnight (updates should usually be completed by start of business).

The daily refresh affects all tables in the collection (Balances, Detail and all reference tables) except Summary Balances and the Overhead Rates (F&A Rate and ICR School Portion) columns in the Balances table, which are refreshed only on Saturday mornings. In addition, the ISC Networking, Telecommunications and Mainframe Chargeback data are refreshed only on a monthly basis, after the respective source systems' billing cycles run.

In months where the accounting period close falls during the business week, the General Ledger collection load to the Data Warehouse will occur during the same morning as the financial system month-end processing. At these times, the entire collection (including Summary Balances but not Overhead Rates) will be refreshed, and the collection will be unavailable for querying until the refresh is complete, which is usually by early afternoon. If BEN Financials month-end falls on a Saturday, the extract and update will begin after the Comptroller's Office declares the month closed. In that case any changes made up to that point will be included.

Source of the Data

The data in the data warehouse that is accessible via the Business Objects FINQUERY, FINSUMQ, and FINQO2N universes comes from the BEN Financials General Ledger system. Balances, General Ledger transactional data and reference tables are included. ISC Networking Billing Detail comes from the ISC Billing system, which feeds transactions to BEN Financials. Similarly, ISC Telecommunications data comes from the Telecommunications billing system, and Mainframe Charges are extracted from the ISC mainframe system.

Time Span Covered

Monthly snap shots of general ledger data are stored. The snapshots go as far back as the accounting periods of June of 1996 (JUN-96) and the fiscal year 1996 adjustment perioid (ADJ-96), and continue from that point, through the current open fiscal year (although actuals may not be available, budget data for the entire year is available). ISC Networking Billing Detail is available from August 2004 and on. Telecomunications data is available from fiscal year 2006 and on; Mainframe chargeback data is available from fiscal year 2007 and on.

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