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Learning Management Data Collections

The Knowledge Link LMS data collection is the subset of the University Data Warehouse that stores data from Knowledge Link, the learning management system used by the University and by the University of Pennsylvania Health System. It was first used to track information on training required by regulation, but it now tracks information on a variety of training courses. Knowledge Link enables authorized administrators to schedule training courses, assign trainees to courses, and to create on-line courses, surveys, and quizzes. It enables trainees to find out what courses have been assigned to them, to register for instructor-led courses, and to do on-line coursework. Trainees can also access their learning history, a transcript of all coursework and certificates completed in Knowledge Link plus any self-reported work-related training completed outside of Knowledge Link.

The Knowledge Link LMS data collection is the current data collection—it stores data from the current Knowledge Link platform (SuccessFactors, in use since October 9, 2012). The legacy Learning Management data collection stores data from the legacy Knowledge Link platform (the Gen21 Learning Management System, used from March, 2005 until the switch to SuccessFactors). As part of the move to the current Knowledge Link platform, the legacy data collection is no longer being updated. Before comparing data from the legacy collection to data from the current collection, see the diagram illustrating the differences in how the legacy and current collections organize the data, and refer to the spreadsheet mapping the legacy data collection's tables and data elements to those in the current data collection. You can use the links in the Collection Information section (on the right edge of this page) to access further information on the current data collection; documentation on the legacy data collection's tables and data elements is available here.

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