How to Select Values (Tip: enlarge this box to better compare screenshots!)

You can click almost anywhere on the QlikView screen and select values. When a value is selected, it turns green (or a small box turns green) in the list boxes and the selection is listed in the Current Selections box.

Whenever you select a value, the active charts, tables, and graphs all update automatically!

See what changes when some list box values and a slider value are selected.

  1. First Digit of Fund: 5 is selected
  2. Responsible School/Center: Annenberg Center for Performing Arts is selected
  3. Fund Account Start Year: 2009 is selected
  4. All the selections are listed in the Current Selections box.

Note changes in the following tables/charts:

Initial QlikView screen with NO SELECTIONS

QlikView screen after the 3 SELECTIONS noted above