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Query Tools - Business Objects & QlikView at Penn

BusinessObjects and QlikView are complementary tools for data analysis at Penn. In general, BusinessObjects is the preferred tool for creating and editing queries for all authorized users of the Warehouse data collections; QlikView is better for analyses where visualization and drill-down are desired/appropriate.

BusinessObjects // QlikView // Other query tools

BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Webi) and InfoView XI3

BusinessObjects is the primary supported query tool used to provide access to the Data Warehouse, which resides on an Oracle database server.

Web Intelligence (Webi) is SAP/BusinessObjects' strategic web-based tool for ad hoc analysis, replacing the Desktop Intelligence (Deski) software that has been in use at Penn for many years. Webi provides extensive query construction and report formatting capabilities, all in a web environment and without the need for desktop client software.

InfoView is the portal to all BusinessObjects reports, including:

  • the individual's personal collection of queries and reports, stored in their My Favorites area on the server
  • the Public Folders which contain all reports shared by groups of people
  • the gateway to Web Intelligence, either by choosing the option to edit an existing Webi report, or selecting New, and then Web Intelligence Document from one of the dropdowns in the toolbar.

Supported browsers (and java versions) for InfoView and Webi XI3.1 SP6 FP2 include (as of January 2014):

  • Windows XPsp3, Windows7, or Windows 8 (with keyboard and mouse interface only):
    • Firefox ESR (with Oracle Java 6 or 7)
    • IE 6.0 SP3 through IE 10 (with Oracle Java 6 or 7)
  • Mac OS X:
    • Safari 6 (with Apple Java 6 or Oracle Java 7)


QlikView facilitates the visualization of data analysis. It is user friendly and provides fast in-memory analysis capabilities by dynamically integrating and presenting data from multiple data sources.

The QlikView tool complements BusinessObjects Webi/InfoView with the following advantages:

  • Guided data analysis with easy interactivity for end users
  • Dashboard capabilities for easy visual understanding of data analysis such as trending
  • Incorporate data sources in addition to the Data Warehouse such as spreadsheets or other databases

For an introduction to QlikView, see the Tips & How To page.

Contact Data Administration for licensing information.

Other Query Tools

Warehouse users may also employ other tools, such as Oracle's SQL*Plus, TOAD, Microsoft Access or Excel with Microsoft Query and FileMaker Pro, once they have received access to a data collection. Users of these and other tools are strongly advised to consult Data Administration before exploring these options for advice on connecting to the Warehouse, joining tables, and efficient querying.


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