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PennERA Proposals Collection Data Training

General Access Pre-Requisites

  1. Data Warehouse access request form. Before you can access the PennERA Proposals Data Collection, you must submit a Data Warehouse access request form.
  2. Database concepts. You should understand database terms and concepts such as primary keys, joins, and null values. If you need help with these terms, see the document Relational Database System Concepts.
  3. Ability to use a query tool. ISC provides support to users accessing the Data Warehouse using BusinessObjects as the query tool. See Technology Training Services for more information about on-campus training in Business Objects.

Self-Serve, Online Training Options

Knowledge Link: Introduction to the PennERA Proposals Data Collection and Using the PennERA Proposals Universe (optional)

This course will orient you to PennERA Proposals data, its organization, and refresh cycle as well as help you to use SAP BusinessObjects (InfoView & Webi) to

  • Find the available corporate (or "canned") reports
  • Create your own queries using result objects and filters to control which data elements and records are retrieved
  • Select the correct tables (classes) and objects (data elements) to include in your own specific queries

After taking this course, you will also know where to turn for answers and additional help with the PennERA Proposals Data Collection.

Website: PennERA Query Building Scenarios (optional)

These scenarios are excerpted from the Knowledge Link course. They present common business questions involving PennERA Proposal data and demonstrate how to create a query/report to answer the question. Decision points throughout the process are explained so that the viewer understands why certain data objects were chosen for the query.

Classroom Activities/Office Hours

Occasionally classroom activities and 'office hours' concerning the PennERA Proposals Data Collection will be announced and offered. It is recommended to take advantage of the online training opportunities since they are always available at your convenience.

Please contact Data Administration for assistance with specific training questions. You can also refer to the table and element documentation for information and cautions about specific data. The following resources may also be of help:

  • Questions to ask before writing Proposals queries
  • PennERA Upgrade to version B10 - Please refer to the this page for information on the effects to the Warehouse of the April 2005 PennERA B10 upgrade, and for pointers on revising queries that involve period status information.
  • Information on how the PennERA Proposals Data Collection differs from its predecessor, the Sponsored Projects Data Collection.  Note:  The data in the Sponsored Projects Data Collection has not been refreshed since the fall  of 2003.
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