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Contains planned fiscal year compensation totals for faculty. There is one row per faculty member per fiscal year.

Common Uses
Retrieving planned compensation amounts (e.g., academic base salary, base salary supplement, administrative salary, etc) for a faculty member for a fiscal year.

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  • COMP_PERSON_SALARY_SUMMARY contains columns for Academic_Base_Salary, Administrative_Stipend, Base_Salary_Supplement, Faculty_Salary, and Staff_Salary, as well as Total_Salary which sums the other columns. The amounts represent the expected total fiscal compensation, not the point-in-time amounts represented in COMP_PERSON_SALARY.

  • Amounts in COMP_PERSON_SALARY_SUMMARY are calculated from the data entered into the PennWorks compensation tab and stored in COMP_PERSON_SALARY, based the Salary_Start_Date to Salary_End_Date range. In the event that the dates do not span the entire fiscal year, COMP_PERSON_SALARY_SUMMARY will show the proportional amount of the COMP_PERSON_SALARY Salary_Amount for the date range, for the compensation category.
  • Faculty compensation records represent a faculty member's salary agreement. In addition to Academic Base, users may track prospective faculty compensation amounts including Base Salary Supplement, Faculty Salary, Administrative Stipends and Staff Salary. Other irregularly paid components of faculty compensation such as Bonuses and Honoraria, will be tracked only via actual payments.
  • The amounts summarized in COMP_PERSON_SALARY_SUMMARY are those that were planned to be paid to the faculty member, for the given category and fiscal year, at the time the record was entered into PennWorks. These amounts are not directly related to given roles or distributions, and may differ from actual payments that occurred.

  • PennWorks allows users to indicate a state for a salary record, as "Final", "Projected", or "Disabled." Records with a "Projected" state can act as placeholders for planning purposes, and will be managed solely within PennWorks. The "Final" state indicates the record is ready to be processed by PennWorks. "Disabled" records will no longer be visible in PennWorks, but are retained in the COMP_PERSON_SALARY_SUMMARY table for historical purposes. Users may select to delete records from PennWorks; these rows are retained in in the Data Warehouse for historical purposes with a state of 'X'.
  • Historical snapshots of fiscal year summary salary information are available in the COMP_PERSON_SALARY_SMRY_SNAP table, beginning with the NOV-09 period.
  • You can access a COMP_PERSON_SALARY_SUMMARY row only if you are authorized to access data for the employee's home center or organization, or a current joint organization for the employee.
  • The COMP_PERSON_SALARY_SUMMARY table can be found in the DWCOMP schema.
COMP_PERSON_SALARY_SUMMARY Table - Data Element Index   Tables and Data Elements   Salary Management Home   Data Warehouse Home

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