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This lesson should take about 15 minutes to complete. After completing this lesson, you should be able to explain how to get help when querying Salary Management data in the Warehouse.

Lesson 6. Getting Help for Salary Management Queries

· prerequisites  · using this tutorial  · data training

Activity 1

Read the document "Help for Salary Management Queries." After you complete the reading, use your browser's back button to return to this lesson.

Activity 2

After reading the document, "Help for Salary Management Queries," please answer the following questions.

  1. You can become a member to the listserv SALMGT-WH@LISTS.UPENN.EDU by submitting an e-mail request to the listserv . True or False?
  2. If you have a question about a Salary Management query, you should send e-mail to anyone knowledgeable about Salary Management data. True or False?
  3. Explain how to report documentation errors found on the web.

Activity 2 Answers

  1. False. You automatically become a member to the listserv SALMGT-WH@LISTS.UPENN.EDU when you are granted access to the Salary Management Data Collection.
  2. False. E-mail should be sent to the listserv so that all Salary Management Warehouse users can benefit from the discussion.
  3. Warehouse users should report documentation errors to the listserv. For documentation errors on the web, specify the URL. For Business Objects documentation errors, specify the Universe, Class, and Object.

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