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Salary Management Collection Refresh Schedule

Biographical, role and job data from PennWorks and the mainframe Payroll system is refreshed daily, as well as Change Log data and the Primary Appointment calculation, on Monday through Friday evenings. Note that there is period each night during which Primary Academic Appointment information may be null, due to job scheduling dependencies. Employee, role, job and distibution data snapshots are created at the end of the accounting period.

Payment data, including the PAR tables, is refreshed weekly, on Monday evenings, after the computation of payroll and encumbrances for weekly employees on the mainframe system. Monthly payments are loaded on the last Friday before the last weekly Payroll run for the month. Since payments are loaded to the Data Warehouse before BEN Financials, the best time to compare payroll and General Ledger balances is after the payments are loaded to BEN Financials, but before new payments are loaded to the Warehouse. To pull matching data from BEN Financials, Salary Management and the Data Warehouse at the end of a period you'll need to run your system reports and Warehouse queries between the Tuesday after payroll runs, producing the last weekly check for the month, and before the Monday of the following week. By that last Tuesday, monthly payroll has already been run, so those actuals and updated encumbrances will be correct. This limits the risk of retrieving data from Salary Management or the Warehouse for the last weekly pay of the month which may, in fact, be posted to the next BEN Financials Accounting Period. (For example, for AUG-99, reports would have to have been run between August 27 and August 30th.)

Social Security Number changes are loaded weekly, on Tuesday evenings.

Budget data, (extracted from the Pillar system), stored in the BUDGET_BASE and BUDGET_DISTRIBUTION tables, is not currently refreshed, and contains data for fiscal year 1997 only.

Source of the Data
The data in the data warehouse that is accessible via the Business Objects RSALMGT universe comes from the PennWorks system, as well as the mainframe Payroll and Salary Management systems. The data in this Universe includes biographical information about employees, information on their roles/jobs, and financial data on their salaries (encumbrances, distributions and payments).

Time Span Covered
The Data Warehouse stores current information on employees, and current and historical information on their jobs and salaries. The data goes as far back as July 1, 1996 (the JUL-96 accounting period, in fiscal year 1997), and continues from that point, through the current open period.

Payroll Audit Record (PAR) data is available from fiscal year 2005 and onward.

PennWorks-specific data is available from November 2009 and onward.

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