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RSALMGT Repository Reports

Payments and Encumbrances

This report is actually comprised of two separate queries (Payments and Encumbrances), linked by the posted account, job class and SSN. The Payments query retrieves all fiscal year to date payments for employees paid from a given ORG, while the Encumbrances query retrieves the remaining encumbrance balances for employees from the same posted ORG. The queries are each represented separately on the appropriately named tabs, and, once linked (common elements are Job Class, Posted COA Account, and SSN), the combined results are presented on the Combined tab to show the fiscal year commitment for each person (by account and job class). Data in this report can be verified using Salary Management reports, or at a higher level (by account segments) using BEN Financials reports.

When comparing to source system reports keep in mind that, although Salary Management data in the Warehouse is updated the same night as a Salary Management run on the mainframe, Salary Managment data is not posted to the General Ledger until later in the week. Also, Data Warehouse General Ledger balances are updated only on a weekly basis, so balances posted to BEN Financials during a week will not be available in the Warehouse until the following weekend. For further schedule details, please refer to the Data Warehouse updates page.


  • Result Objects:

    Employee General: Name, Home Dept ORG, Currently Employed, SSN, Penn ID

    Employee Payment: Posted COA CNAC, Posted COA ORG, Posted COA Fund, Posted COA Object, Posted COA Program, Posted COA Account, Job Class, Job Title, SUM Payment Amount

  • Conditions:


            Fiscal Year = prompt : ('Enter fiscal year:')
    Fiscal Month Seq < prompt : ('Enter fiscal month (ie., for December, enter 06):')
    Posted COA ORG = prompt : ('Enter Posted ORG:')


  • Result Objects:

    Employee Encumbrance: SSN, Posted COA Account, Job Class, SUM Encumbrance Amount

  • Conditions:


            Fiscal Year = prompt : ('Enter fiscal year:')
    Fiscal Month Seq = prompt : ('Enter fiscal month (ie., for December, enter 06):')
    Posted COA ORG = prompt : ('Enter Posted ORG:')

Report Variables

  • Combined =(<SUM Encumbrace Amount (EE)> + <SUM Payment Amount)>)

To import this file for your own use:

  1. Log on to Business Objects.
  2. From the File menu, click "Retrieve From", and then "Corporate Documents" (or, if you're still using version 4, choose to retrieve from "Repository").
  3. Click on the name of the file you'd like to retrieve, and then click the Retrieve button.
  4. If you are using Business Objects version 5, you may choose whether to open the document upon retrieval.
  5. Retrieved files are saved in your UserDocs directory by default. You may wish to relocate and/or rename them.

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