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Salary Management Data Collection Training

General Access Pre-Requisites

  1. Knowledge of the source data. At a minimum, before you use the Salary Management data in the Warehouse, you should be familiar with the operations of the Personnel/Payroll System. For information about PennWorks/Personnel/Payroll System training, see the financial training requirements page. For more detailed information, see Salary Management Data Collection Security.
  2. Data Warehouse access request form. Before you can access the Salary Management data collection, you must submit a Data Warehouse access request form.
  3. Database concepts. You should understand database terms and concepts such as primary keys, joins, and null values. If you need help with these terms, see the document Relational Database System Concepts.
  4. Ability to use a query tool. ISC provides support to users accessing the Data Warehouse using Business Objects as the query tool. See Technology Training Services for more information about on-campus training in Business Objects.

Self-Serve, Online Training Options

Knowledge Link: Introduction to the Salary Management Data Collection and Using the RSALMGT Universe at Penn (optional)

This course will orient you to SalMgt data, its organization, and refresh cycle as well as help you to use SAP BusinessObjects (InfoView & Webi) to

  • Modify the available corporate (or "canned") reports by correctly using filters and prompts
  • Create your own queries using variables, filters, etc. to control the data
  • Select the correct tables (classes) and objects (data elements) to include in your own specific queries

After taking this course, you will also know where to turn for answers and additional help with the Salary Management Data Collection.

Website: Salary Management Tutorial (optional)

The lessons in this tutorial are arranged sequentially. However, if you have experience in writing and executing queries, select the lessons you need to know more about. If you do not have experience in writing and executing queries, read the lessons in the order in which they are listed. To help retain what you've learned, complete the activities for each lesson.

Classroom Activities/Office Hours

Occasionally classroom activities and 'office hours' concerning the SalMgt data collection will be announced and offered. It is recommended to take advantage of the online training opportunities since they are always available at your convenience.

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