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Records data about carryover balances for sponsored projects. Carryover balances are residual amounts of authorized funding from prior budget periods that are reserved and carried forward to new sponsored project funds. There is one record per DESTINATION_AWARD_ID, CARRYOVER_TYPE, and SOURCE_FUND. Since the source award can have up to 2 funds, and each fund can have up to 2 carryover types, there can be up to 4 records per DESTINATION_AWARD_ID. Any carryover balances for any funds used for a sponsored project in a prior budget period are assigned to the fund of the prime account for the award when they are carried forward to the following budget period. A carryover balance may be an unliquidated obligation or an unobligated balance. An unliquidated obligation is the sum of any encumbrances that were not relieved by the end of the prior budget period. Except for unliquidated obligations resulting from purchases in the final budget period of a sponsored project, unliquidated obligations are generally accounted for through the creation of a budgeted reserve in the following budget period under the new fund number. PBUD and PBIL in BEN Financials are adjusted and equal to the amount of the reserve. An unobligated balance is the cumulative unexpended balance of funds at the end of a budget period that cannot be used without the express approval of the sponsor. Unobligated balances are generally subject to deobligation. They also may affect PBUD and PBIL in BEN Financials.

Common Uses

  • Identifying sponsored project funds that have carryover.
  • Identifying the carryover type (unliquidated obligation or unobligated balance).
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  • Use caution in joining AWARD_CARRYOVER to AWARD. Because there can be more than one carryover balance per DESTINATION_AWARD_ID, your query may double-count the TOTAL_AGENCY_AMOUNT for the AWARD_ID in the associated AWARD record.
  • Use great caution in joining AWARD_CARRYOVER to BALANCES. Decide whether you are joining the SOURCE_FUND or the DESTINATION_FUND to the COA_FUND in BALANCES. Note that, because the AWARD_CARRYOVER table does not include the accounting period, and because there are many records for a given fund in BALANCES, your query will likely double-count the carryover balances and the amounts in BALANCES..
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