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Provides mailing addresses for students in the PERSON_ALL_V table. Each address has an Address_Type which indicates its purpose or use. The following addresses are available: B (Billing), C (Current), L (Local), P (Permanent) and T (Temporary). A student may have several addresses, though only one of each type.

The current mailing address (Address_Type = 'C') is computed from other addresses: Permanent, Local and Temporary. It contains the most appropriate address for the time of year, class of student, effective dates of addresses, etc. Use the current address to reach students except when you have a clear reason to use another address type. See the section on Address_Type in ADDRESS table data element index for more details about how current mailing address is calculated.

Common Uses

  • Retrieving the best current mailing address for students by matching on PennID and selecting only those addresses where ADDRESS_TYPE is 'C'. ("Send this survey to students our our department, and I'd like it to get there quickly, rather than going to their parents first.")
  • Identifying students in a particular dorm. ("This mailing is for all students in the graduate towers.")
  • Selecting students by the state of their permanent address, that is, with ADDRESS_TYPE equal to 'P'. ("Who are the students from Mississippi this term?")
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  • A student is not guaranteed to have an address of any particular ADDRESS_TYPE.
  • Requests looking at more than one ADDRESS_TYPE at a time will make for difficult queries. An example is "Find students who have a local address and a permanent address with matching state." In Business Objects, this can be accomplished with a union query.
  • Restrict flags come from the Online Directory, and are populated for current students only. Students can opt to restrict their address information in the Onlind Directory in two "modes": Public and Penn. If they have opted to restrict their address to the Public, the Restrict_Address column will be set to "Y". If they have opted to restrict their address to the Penn community, the Restrict_Address_Penn column will be set to "Y". Restrict_Phone, Restrict_Phone_Penn, Restrict_Name, and Restrict_Name_Penn columns work in a similar manner. A null in a restrict flag cannot be taken to mean the information is not restricted; it simply means the student is inactive and his restrictions cannot be populated from the Online Directory. To be safe, please always treat nulls as "Y". Note also that Billing Address does not have any data coming from the Online Directory; Billing Address should always be assumed to be Restricted, both to the Penn and Public audience.
  • While SSN is part of the key, it is not visable to most queries and users. Use PennID for identification of individuals in this table. Joins in the Business Objects universes are done on PennID, instead of SSN.

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