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This is a view of the TX_STDT_ACADEMIC_PROGRAM table. The view is built using the rows for the "C" extract, and contains information about the academic programs a student pursues towards completion of degrees. The data come from the Student Term Extract tape as of the Census Date (defined as one week after the close of the drop period for the term). One record for each academic program segment (APS) for a student, as represented in the Student Record System (SRS), for each term for which the student has enrolled_credit > 0..

Common Uses

  • Find degree information for students enrolled in specified years. The advantage of using this table for multi-year enrollment analysis is that the data will not change: once the snapshot of a term is taken, it is never changed or updated.
  • DO NOT use this table to find GPA or grade information for a specified term. See cautions below.
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  • The census data collection is not a snapshot of the nightly collected data. There is less information collected in the mid-term census snapshot than the nightly load from SRS.
  • If a student is not enrolled in any credit-bearing courses as-of the censusdate, they will not be in the extract file for that term.
  • Because the extract is a mid-term snapshot, exit_action and exit_term information may not reflect the actual exits from that term. Also, there will be minimal or no final grade information for that term, and the GPA will not reflect most grades for that term, because the majority of classes in a term are not yet graded at the time of the extract.
  • There is a maximum of two academic program records per student, the maximum number of degree programs that can be stored on one term record in SRS.
  • DO NOT CONFUSE this and its related tables with CENSUS_TERM. These tables use "CEN" to refer to the Census Date, as of which reporting is done for the Federal government. CENSUS_TERM, in contrast, refers to the University Census, a periodic report of every employee of the University.
  • SSN reflects the student SSN during the particular term. If a student has had a change of SSN, older term records will be stored under the old SSN while newer term records will be stored under the new SSN.
  • The dwadmin.tx_stdt_academic_program table in the warehouse contains a column for Academic Program Advisor, but that is no longer populated, and does not appear in the Business Objects universe objects. For advisor information, see CEN_STDT_ADVISOR_TERM.

CEN STDT ACADEMIC PROGRAM Table elements . Tables and Data Elements . Student Data Home . Data Warehouse Home

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